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What Is A Process Essay?

There are two types of process analysis essays: informative and directional. If you describe the way something is done, produced, performed, you will create an informative paper. If you tell the reader how to do something, achieve a required result, you create a directive essay. In any case, you explain how to get from point A to point B and describe each step of the way. Traditionally process analysis is written in a chronological order to allow the reader to easily follow the steps. However, you can include additional information into your paper. For instance, you should describe the ingredients needed before providing a recipe for a chocolate fudge. It is also a good idea to include the possible errors the reader can make, and how to avoid them.

How to Write a Process Essay?

You will need to choose an appropriate process to write about if your instructor did not provide you with one. Here is a short list of possible topics to explore:
  • How to bake a red velvet cake;
  • How to pack a bag for a summer trip;
  • How to learn to knit;
  • How to master time-management in college;
  • How to write a process essay.
Like always, divide your paper into three parts. The introduction should explain what process you are going to explore, and what results it is going to achieve. Explain why this topic is useful and relevant. You need to make your audience interested in the topic for them to read till the end. Provide several real-life examples of the process‘ uses and its advantages. The first of your main body paragraphs can include a list of the required equipment, tools or skills to perform the task. Provide extra information on the uncommon items, describing possible substitutes. If you expect the reader to follow your instruction, outline safety precautions necessary to fulfill the task. Each of the following main body paragraphs should describe a separate step of the process outlined in the chronological order. Describe each step in a precise and descriptive manner. Repeatedly put yourself into your reader‘s shoes and consider which information might be new to your audience, even if it seems obvious to you. The conclusion should summarize the whole process and lead the reader once again through the most important steps. You can provide final advice and describe the expected results of following the process.

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