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The Truth About Expensive and Cheap Essay Writing Services. Things You Need to Know Before You Start Using Them

How to Write My Essay Well, if I Do not Have Enough Time

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Do you know what is the most difficult task for a student? - To find a funny joke about homework. Why? - When you have to do your home tasks every day, nothing seems to be funny about it anymore. Indeed, there is very little pleasure in writing essays. The students with the brightest imagination can list a few dozens of reasons why they cannot do their homework, but sometimes even the excellent ones have need for college essay help.

You have probably also had a situation when you become a hostage of circumstance and could not do your homework properly and on time.

  • Too Many Tasks

You have too many other errands to run and writing one more essay is a true challenge for you.

  • Too Little Time

Time management doesn't help when you are a student, who works part-time to pay for college. Sometimes lack of time is a real problem and not just another excuse.

  • Unexpected Situations

Everything goes according to the plan, but you get a call and need to leave for weekend. Your best friend is in trouble or your parents need your help. You cannot just say no. Now, you have to accomplish two home tasks, but you have only one day. Take courage!

  • Too Difficult Topic

Sometimes, writing an essay is not a piece of cake. The topic can be so complex that you cannot cope with it alone. Every student at least once had a topic that seemed to be unbearable to accomplish.

If you have ever had one of those situations, you thought over other alternatives like the services where you can buy essay online. However, can you trust them? There are many opinions concerning this type of students’ help, but some facts are hard to deny. For example, when you order a paper at such service, it will be performed by a professional writer. If they provided bad quality papers, they would not exist for so long. Some of the oldest companies have been successfully providing their service for about 20 years.

Essay writing services deliver plagiarism free papers. It is very easy to check this piece of information. The plagiarism checking programs will immediately detect if your work is not original.

One more obvious evidence is that you save your time. You place an order and wait until the mentioned deadline. When the time comes you get a completed essay. That is a true magic of online writing service.

What Type of Students Buys Essay Online?

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Our customers are students of all educational levels. That’s why when you order essay online at our website, you have an option to choose the academic level of your work. We provide papers for people who attend schools, colleges or universities.

In general, all our clients can be divided into two groups. The first one is native English speaking students from the USA, the UK, and Australia. The second group is non-native English speakers, who arrived in USA or UK to get an education. We have clients from UAE, China, Latin America, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Kuwait, Germany, Russia and some other countries.

For foreign students, it is extremely difficult sometimes to write a good essay. They may have brilliant ideas, but the lack of good English writing skills is the rock on which they split. That's why they often have the same question “Who can do my essay for me?” and search for a quality writing service online.

Native speakers are also our common clients since the good knowledge of English is not the only problem students face when they have to complete an assignment. A good homework is a complex process which includes such stages as searching information, analyzing materials, choosing credible sources, and formatting. That’s why English is only a small piece of a big picture.

Who Can Write My Paper for Cheap?

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Now let’s take a look at a working process of online writing services. When a student needs to write a paper, he or she chooses between two options. The first option is to use one of the freelance platforms. The second choice is to use an online writing service. So, what is the difference between them and what advantages and disadvantages do they have?

Freelance Platforms

One of the most popular and a true leader in the market is Upwork. The advantage of this option is that you can choose the author you like based on his or her performance statistic, job success rate, and examples of works.

The biggest disadvantage of this method is that it is not the best choice if you are looking for cheap essay writing service. For example, a good writer will cost you about 50 dollars per hour. Some of the best writers even charge 130 dollars per hour. And that is the price not for the entire work, but only for one hour of work. So, if you have a 6-page paper, you will need to pay at least 300-400 dollars or even more.

Cheap Writing Service

The obvious disadvantage of these services is that you cannot choose a writer personally. You cannot view the writer’s job rate success, the amount of the completed works and the customers’ feedback. On the other hand, these companies have a strict selection process. All writers have to pass numerous tests to prove their writing skills and experience.

The advantage of such service is that all writers have an academic degree: Bachelor, Master or PhD. So, their skills and experience in writing academic papers are higher since they dedicate all their working time to this type of service.    

Another advantage is a lower price. When you need to buy essay online, you pay for the number of pages, but not the time. So, for a 6-page paper, you will need to pay about 90 dollars. The price varies depending on the deadline. However, even if you place the order within an ultimate short deadline, it will be still about two or three times cheaper.

Finally, as it was mentioned above, the main and the only priority of writing services are academic papers. Hence, you can be sure that you can get here not only a high school essay but also a research paper or a dissertation. At our website, we provide all types of formatting including APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, and others. There is no need to instruct our writers about it, just say what style you need. Besides, formatting is a bonus for our customers.

Online writing services know that plagiarism is not allowed in academic papers. That’s why we pay special attention to eliminate even the lowest percentage of plagiarism. If you ask yourself, who can write my paper for cheap and provide a guarantee of plagiarism-free work, then our company is what you need. We provide a plagiarism report and as always, this feature is free for our customers.

Once you receive your paper you can request a revision if you are not satisfied with your order. As a rule, we provide 3 free revisions during the first 7 days after the work has been completed. However, we often make concessions and can provide some exceptions to our clients giving them a few more extra revisions or a longer deadline for a revision period.

Can I Trust Cheap Writing Services or it is Better to Give Preference to the Expensive Ones?

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When it comes choosing the writing company, you wonder who will write my essay for me? In general, you have three possible options.

1. The Questionable Companies with the Lowest Prices

They usually hire non-native speakers to write academic papers. These writers can do their work pretty good, but as you can understand, their English writing skills are not on the highest level. You will spend less money, but be ready that your paper may contain grammar mistakes and awkward sentences.

2. The Brand Writing Companies

This is the complete antithesis to the previous choice. Here you can be sure that your paper will be written by native English speakers, but you should pay a pretty penny for this type of service. It is the most expensive solution that you can find.

3. The Trustworthy Companies with Cheap Service

This option is probably the perfect balance between quality and price. To this category belongs our company too. We hire native English speakers but provide cheap custom essay writing services. At this point, you may think that there should be some kind of a pitfall. Why do we charge less and provide the same quality papers if others require a higher payment? The explanation is quite simple, especially if you take into account such marketing principle as branding.

You see, those companies with higher prices are as a rule the ones with a brand name. As you know when you buy a product with a brand name you overpay about 30% of its price because you pay for the name. For some people, it is a must to have products of a certain brand. However, is it important when you need a quality essay? The only thing that students really want is a cheap paper writing service that can write their homework well. If you can get the same quality paper at a lower price, then what is the point of overpaying? So, if you need a cheap writing service and you care little about the brand name than the third option is your perfect choice. You can also read the reviews from our customers to see what they think about our service.

Four Simple Steps to Order Essay Online

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This is the most serious part of this review. Here we will discuss how exactly you can place an order. This process is not difficult, but it requires you to follow the next steps very carefully.

1. Submit Your Paper Instructions

At this stage, you need to upload your instructions and any materials that can be useful for a writer. We recommend writing the detailed instructions because one of the secrets of marvelous essays is clear explanations.

2. Review Your Order

That is the stage where you need to ensure that you have filled every required field. Check the instructions one more time, don’t miss anything.

3. Pay for Your Paper

The sum you need to pay depends on three main factors which are the academic level, the number of pages, and the deadline. There are no hidden or extra payments. So, once you fill all the required fields, you will see the final price of the paper.

4. Download Your Paper

When your paper is completed you will receive a notification on your email address. Check the paper and if it doesn’t satisfy any of your instructions request a revision. If everything is fine, just download your paper and send it to your professor.

What is the Best Method of Payment for my High School Essay?

The majority of essay writing companies require you to pay for their service using your credit card. This option is not very beneficial for you, because you need to indicate your personal information. Thus, you should be 100% sure that this service is secure and your personal data will not be stolen. Another disadvantage of credit card is the problems that may arise if you want to request a refund. The dispute about refund may take much time and efforts. So, if you find a writing service which has only credit card payment method think twice before using it.

At our website, you can also find a PayPal method of payment. This is a more secure way to pay because you don't need to provide any personal information. Besides, in case of refund, it is much easier to start a dispute and you don't need to apply to your bank for help. 

How to Find Cheap Custom Essay Writing Services That Will Write a Quality Paper for Me?

Today, the amount of writing services is so great that students have another dilemma to solve, which one to choose. Indeed, many websites offer the same writing services, but here are some little tips which can help you to make a right choice.

  • Don’t give preference to new services which have appeared recently. We don't say that they are scam or provide bad service, but it is better to give preference to those companies which exist at least a year or two in the market and had some experience in high school essay, college midterm papers or university research papers.  
  • Don’t overpay for a brand. High prices are often exaggerated.
  • Don’t choose the services with extremely low prices. If they offer you to write your 10-page essay for 30 dollars, it looks very suspicious. You better avoid such services since none of the good writers will work for pennies.

The Most Widespread Types of Paper Provided by Cheap Essay Writing Services

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Students have to accomplish various assignments and they often wonder whether we have such an all-around experience. Well, at our website, we offer 40 types of paper. So, it is really difficult to surprise us with a work we have not met before. However, basing on our statistic data, we can say that there are some common types of paper that students usually order. For example, the top of the most common types of papers is an essay, a research paper, a case study, a thesis, a dissertation, an assignment, and a term paper. Other works are in less demand, but we can write them well too.

The Most Popular Essay Topics That Students Order at RocketPaper

One of the biggest mysteries that our customers cannot figure out is how we can provide so large variety of essay topics. Indeed, even to become an expert in one discipline is a big achievement, while we write the quality papers on a few dozens of different topics. It is possible due to our writers who are the best in any topic you may need. The most common topics are Science, Engineering, Medicine, Literature, Business, Accounting, Philosophy, Computer Science and many others. So, whatever task you have, be sure we will find a writer who is an expert and has already successfully performed lots of similar papers.

Can I Get a Free Sample Paper?

You probably read a lot of reviews where writing companies assure you that they provide only quality papers. However, how can you trust them if you have never placed an order there before? The only proof you have is their word of honor, but what about some pieces of evidence that you can check yourself.

In order to assure our customers that we provide quality academic papers, we provide free paper samples. You can check them here.

Free sample is an example of a real work that a student asked us to write. No, we didn't use the same work that we sent to our client. We just used the same essay topics and wrote a couple of different papers.

The purpose of a sample is to show you the quality of our writing skills. You can analyze the sample papers to see how we use a proper paper format, citations, and avoid plagiarism.

Here are the direct links to research paper example, essay example.

A Final Tip About College Essay Help You Need to Know

Summing the up the main idea of this review, we strongly recommend you to make your choice wisely and unhurriedly. Research, compare companies’ prices and read reviews from trusted sources. For example, you can use this website to see what our customers write about us. It may seem a time-consuming process, but once you find a trustworthy company, you will not need to repeat this procedure again. Many of our customers come again and again when they need cheap essays online service. In case, you have any questions about our service, you can always contact our support team using any convenient method for you. Good luck with your home tasks and if you have any questions you can always ask for help on our website.