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high school research paper example
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What is an Abstract in a research paper?

The abstract is a piece of work that summarizes its brief description. Typically, an abstract includes such information as the reasons for choosing a given topic, a thesis statement, a procedure for developing a hypothesis, brief conclusions, and their practical application. The abstract page is not included in the total number of work pages.

How to start off a research paper?

According to the rules, research work begins with an introduction. The introduction clarifies the relevance of the chosen topic and also lists the methods and tools for conducting a future study. The main element of the introductory part of the research work is a hypothesis, which will be confirmed or refuted during the experiment.

How to find sources for a research paper?

Until recently, it was possible to answer this question that it is worth going to the library, but now everything that any student needs can be found online. In addition to direct Google search, you should use such sources as Google books, Google Scholar and other knowledge bases.

How to write a background in a research paper?

The main task of writing a background in a research paper is to persuade the reader that the question a scientist is discussing in his paper is really important. So, the main emphasis is done on the scientific environment the issue is considered in, the novelty of the hypothesis and the practical application and usefulness of further findings.

How to write a methods section of a research paper?

When writing this section, a student needs to list and explain the methods he is going to use in his scientific paper. All the methods of scientific cognition are divided into theoretical and empirical, and the choice of the methods to use will depend on the topic specifics, the goals and the tasks of an academic work.

What is an appendix in a research paper?

Appendix in a research paper is additional pages that contain supporting and explanatory materials. It can be pictures, graphics, illustrations from scientific literature, etc. Appendix pages are not included in the total number of pages of work. As a rule, this is used in large-scale scientific papers, which imply a large number of references to scientific material.

How to pick a topic for a research paper?

The main rule when choosing a topic is to follow your own scientific interests. It is very difficult to do work when its essence is not interesting to the researcher. The second criterion is the presence of a sufficient information base for the study. In addition, the topic should be relevant to the current state of science and have a practical application.

How to do a peer review of a research paper?

The task of reviewing research work is to give it a scientific assessment, as well as to evaluate the scientific novelty of the hypothesis, the methods used and the possibility of practical application of the findings. As a rule, a  peer review is written in one-two pages.

How to choose a topic for a research paper?

Choosing a topic for research, pay attention to the degree of its development in the scientific field. It does not make sense to work on a topic that has already been thoroughly investigated. It will also be unrealistic for a student to conduct research in the complete absence of scientific material. Therefore, the task is to find a balance.


Research Topics For High School

Math research paper topics

  • Mathematics in everyday life
  • Famous mistakes made when proving geometric theorems
  • Mathematics of the peoples of the world
  • Invariants, semi-invariants in algebraic problems
  • Mathematical secrets of ancient Egypt
  • The history of the development of methods for solving rational equations
  • The origin of ordinary fractions
  • Percolation theory
  • Influence of historical events on the development of mathematics
  • Multiplicative functions, their properties, and application in solving problems

Biology research paper topics

  • Allergy as a factor in the manifestation of immunodeficiency
  • Determination of air humidity and studying its effect on human health
  • The main properties and structure of nucleic acids
  • Biometric features of the papillary pattern
  • The emergence of life on Earth
  • The emergence and development of conditioned reflexes
  • Country cottage area as an ecosystem
  • Vegetarianism: Pros and Cons
  • Twins. Are they similar or not?
  • Impact of electric current on plant cells

Science research paper topics

  • The history of the development of genetics and its methods
  • Plant Genetic Engineering
  • Major discoveries in the microworld
  • Ecological biotechnology. Main development trends
  • Creating a guide to solving genetic problems
  • Animal cloning. Problems and prospects 
  • Methods of human genetic research
  • The consequences of the influence of environmental factors on the human genotype
  • Proteomics, genomics, metabolomics as new directions in biology
  • Person and the environment - the results of the evolution of human society today.

Physics research paper topics

  • Modern ideas about the origin of the solar system
  • Why are the inhibit signals red?
  • Effect of radioactivity on the environment
  • Car and human health
  • Alternative sources of the power industry
  • Asteroid hazard
  • Large Hadron Collider - Back to the Creation of the World
  • Global warming: who is to blame and what to do?
  • Air ionization as a path to longevity
  • Ecological problems of space

Chemistry research paper topics

  • Is alchemy magic or science?
  • Acid Precipitation: Their Nature and Effects
  • Can I get rubber from potatoes?
  • Plastics: yesterday, today, tomorrow
  • Natural sources of hydrocarbons and prospects for the development of the oil refining industry
  • Ways of contamination of food raw materials and food products with chemical and biological xenobiotics
  • Synthetic high molecular compounds and polymeric materials based on them
  • Toxicants and allergens in the environment
  • Chemistry creating and destroying the human body (narcotic drugs)
  • Poisons and antidotes.

 Geography research paper topics

  • World cities as the main centers of activity of the world community
  • Unrecognized states. General features and problems
  • Countries in transition - Russia, Eastern Europe, China
  • Comparative characteristics
  • Offshore zones as a result of globalization
  • The nature of the Arctic and Antarctica: similarities and differences
  • Rational use of water resources
  • The Arctic Ocean. Study history
  • Comparative characteristics of modern volcanism of Iceland and Kamchatka
  • Natural disasters
  • Climate evolution

History research paper topics

  • Gods and Myths of Ancient Greece
  • Combat vehicles of the past
  • Flood as a projection of earthly cataclysms and catastrophes
  • Was Jesus a man?
  • Was it the collapse of the Roman Empire or was it reborn?
  • In search of the Holy Grail: from the beginnings to the present day
  • A city forgotten by history. Tragedy of Troy
  • Dolmens as an ancient mystery of modern times
  • Ancient Babylonian society living under the laws of Hammurabi
  • The value of the discoveries of Christopher Columbus.

Art research paper topics

  • Abstractionism as a direction of non-figurative art
  • Aqua make-up (drawing animal masks with special paints)
  • Actual forms of contemporary art (installation, happening, performance, etc.)
  • The life of Jesus in the works of art
  • Integration of science and art
  • Color and symbol in architecture and design
  • Man and space in art
  • These mysterious cave paintings
  • Hidden black square concept
  • Can computer graphics be art?

Music research paper topics

  • The relevance of classical music in the modern world
  • The relationship between numbers and music
  • The influence of music on human health
  • Is the harmony of the world the harmony of sounds or the harmony of numbers?
  • The genius of Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Mysteries of Indian dance
  • Study of styles and trends of youth music
  • Chamber ensemble in the musical culture of Western Europe
  • Cinema and music
  • Classic on mobile phones

Literature research paper topics

  • Dystopia in the literature of the XX century
  • The life of a literary work in art and time
  • The image of the children of the Holocaust in the work "The Diary of Anne Frank" and "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas"
  • Fantasy world in modern literature
  • Means of speech expressiveness in various types of political text (on the material of election publications)
  • Television and literature: what will be stronger?
  • The influence of literature containing elements of mysticism on the worldview of the modern reader
  • The image of women in the literature of different eras
  • The use of modern bestseller in the study of classical literature
  • What does our generation read?