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Custom Dissertation Writing Service: Get Help With Dissertation Writing For The Most Complicated Topics

1. How to Get Custom Dissertation Writing Help Online?

You have almost completed education in university or college, and now you are on the home straight. However, there is one last thing which separates you from graduation. One last work that you have to complete before you receive a Master’s or PhD degree. And as you have already understood it is all about the dissertation.

This type of academic paper surely is the most challenging task for any student. Even good writing skills and previous success with essays and research papers are not always enough to create a dissertation that will satisfy a long list of requirements.

In order to estimate the difficulty of dissertation writing imagine the most complex topic of a research paper. Take into account that the professor will grade your writing and research skills, let’s say, three times stricter than usual. And your paper has to bring value for the scientific and academic community. In addition, be ready that you will have to rewrite each part of the dissertation at least two or three times. And it does not refer only to bad students; even the excellent ones cannot complete a dissertation without making any corrections to the first draft.

That’s why the majority of students who have to write a dissertation often face the same problem - the lack of time. Even when they have a good plan and start working on the paper in advance, there is a high chance that midway into the writing they will be running out of time. Many students do not take into account numerous revisions and corrections, and as a result, they start searching for dissertation writing help as they are out of time.

If you have a similar problem or for some reason, you cannot finish your paper on time, you can find quality assistance at RocketPaper. Our company has been providing a custom dissertation writing service for many years and has already helped hundreds of students. 97% of our customers set the highest satisfaction rate for the service they received on our website.

When you place an order on RocketPaper, and you need a quality dissertation be sure we will assign your paper to either a writer with a Master’s or a PhD degree. The choice of a writer depends on you. As you can understand, the services of PhD writers cost more since these experts have deeper experience in academic writing, and their skills are polished to perfection. Although the services of Master writers are cheaper, it does not mean that their writing is worse. For instance, if you have a tough topic, short deadline, and you have enough money to pay for the expert’s service, then PhD writer is your best solution. In other cases, choose a Master writer, and he or she will cope with your assignment almost with the same high level of quality.

2. Who Needs Online Dissertation Writing Help?

Dissertation writing help is usually required by students who are finishing their education in college or university. Even if they can write perfect research papers, essays, and other academic works, a dissertation is something that is hard to prepare for because students aren’t required to write this piece of work every month. Hence, most students lack experience in dissertation writing, and as a result, there are so many searches on the Internet, where students want to find help with their MBA or PhD dissertations.

If we are talking about a specific group of students who may require this assistance even more than others, it is necessary to mention foreigners who come from abroad to get an education in English-speaking countries. Those who arrived in the United States or the UK from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Singapore, China are not English-native speakers. For many of them writing a complex paper like dissertation is a true challenge because the insufficient knowledge of the language can become a barrier that will make it extremely difficult for them to provide a high-quality paper. That’s why they require dissertation writing help even more than those, who have been living in an English-speaking country their whole life.

3. How Do Custom Dissertation Writing Companies Work?

custom dissertation writing service

Once you decide you need some assistance with your academic paper, you will ask  yourself something like “Where can I find someone who will write my dissertation for me?” At this crossroad, you have two options, and each of them has both advantages and disadvantages.

  • Hire a freelancer

The first thing that springs to mind is to find a freelance writer, who will complete the assignment for you. You can use one of the freelance platforms like Upwork. The advantage of this method is that you can view the freelancer’s portfolio, success rate, the amount of the completed works, and customers’ feedback. The biggest disadvantage is that such freelancers can provide pretty good content, but they are not academic writers or their experience in the required field is not very deep.

  • Dissertation writing service

Another option is to go to a company which provides ONLY academic writing services. This choice seems more rational and logical since here you will find a writer who has a Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD degree, and his or her only duty is to write academic papers. The advantage of this method is that you do not need to search for an expert yourself. You place an order, and the company finds a writer who will do a dissertation for you. Using this type of service, you will never face a situation, when the writer cannot complete your paper for some reason. Besides, the prices are fixed, so there is no need to bargain. You always know the exact price of your paper. The biggest disadvantage of such services is that you cannot choose the writer yourself, but you can always send a message to him or her and discuss all the details concerning your dissertation.  

The majority of writing services, RocketPaper among them, provides additional services to its customers for free. For instance, our company checks every paper with a couple of plagiarism tools to ensure that you will get an original paper. You can even request a plagiarism report to be 100% sure that your paper is plagiarism-free.

Another benefit is that academic writing services are familiar with all possible formatting styles. At RocketPaper, you can order any style you need - APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago or others. We have worked with every style that the professors may require from students.

4. Where to Begin When You Need Dissertation Writing Help?

 custom dissertation writing service

If you have never used writing services before, at first everything you see on the website may confuse you a little. However, if you spend two minutes and read the four steps described further, you will understand that placing an order on RocketPaper is a piece of cake.

  • Submit your assignment

One of the most important steps which have a huge impact on the quality of your paper is the paper’s description that you have to attach to your order. To provide custom dissertation writing, our expert requires as many detailed instructions as possible. So, provide everything you think can somehow help the writer to complete the paper and satisfy all your expectations. Also, don’t forget to choose a proper academic level and a type of a paper to avoid any misunderstandings. The final thing you need to do is to indicate the number of pages and the deadline.

  • Review your order

When you complete all the instructions, you will see the final price of the paper. However, before moving to the payment step, we strongly recommend you to check the information about your order one more time. Look through the paper requirements you provide to the writer, check whether you have attached all files and indicated the proper number of pages and the deadline. Any mistake you make here can turn into a big problem when the writer starts working on your paper.

  • Provide payment

Many online dissertation writing services have a very limited list of payment methods. It is not always comfortable for customers, and they have no other choice but to search for other ways to pay for the order. On RocketPaper, you can pay using your credit card (Visa/MasterCard, Maestro, Discover, Amex), PayPal or UnionPay, WeChatPay, and AliPay. As you can see, the variety of payment methods allows paying for the order fast and with no extra efforts.

  • Download your written paper

The first three steps require you to perform certain actions to place an order. Once you complete them all, you have nothing else to do, but wait until the mentioned deadline to download your paper. Our customer support manager will inform you when the writer finishes the order.

If you are not satisfied with some points in your dissertation, you can request a revision. Unlike other dissertation writing services which either limit the number of revisions or period of time to request a revision, RocketPaper provides over 20 free revisions to its customers. So, if you have any issues be sure you have enough time to address them.

5. What payment methods do custom dissertation writing services offer?

When customers choose the service for the first time they always risk because they have never worked with a company before and have no idea whether they can trust it. Reviews can be fake, promises on the website are empty, guarantees are not fulfilled. So, how do you find out which service is more reliable than others? The answer is simple - take a look at the payment methods.

If the company accepts only one possible method of payment like credit card and you cannot pay otherwise, then it is the first sign of a scam company. On the one hand, credit cards seem like a trustworthy option, but there is one small detail why it is better not to use it if you do not trust the company. For example, you are not satisfied with the paper’s quality and want to get your money back. If you paid via the credit card, it would be more difficult to start a dispute.

Reliable companies offer a wide range of payment methods. For instance, on RocketPaper, besides the traditional credit card payment option, you can also pay via PayPal. This method allows you to start disputes easier if you are not satisfied with the quality of your paper. So, you can be sure that you will get your money back in case of poor service.

6. Should I Choose Cheap Dissertation Writing Services or the Expensive Ones?

When you start searching a phrase like “Who will write my dissertation for me?” on the Internet, you will find a huge list of websites which provide this type of service. Then, another question like “What company to choose?” will appear in your mind. At this crossroads, it is very difficult to make a choice because all these services seem so similar and offer almost the same help. If you spend at least half an hour comparing prices on these websites, you will see that they all can be divided into three categories: expensive, medium cost, and cheap.

So, let’s first talk about companies that offer cheap dissertation writing services. The obvious advantage of such websites is that you can save your money. Here, you will pay 3-4 or even 6 dollars less than an average on any other website with medium prices. This so-called benefit should put you on guard. You see, if you want to get a quality dissertation paper, you need to hire a professional writer. True experts cannot charge little because they know the real cost of the work they do. Besides, too low prices can be a signal that a company is a scam, especially if it is a young one which has started operating recently.

So, if you don’t want to get a low-quality dissertation, you’d better avoid the cheap writing services. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to give preference to the expensive ones. Those who require you to pay enormous sums of money indeed can provide a dissertation you expect to get, but you will definitely overpay. The companies which set high prices are usually the ones with a brand name. They have been on the market long enough to gain a good reputation and thus, they can request any price they want. Their clients will always pay them because they have ordered there before and are sure in the quality of papers they receive. If you think that the high price is the cost of the experts’ work, you are very wrong. The 30% that you overpay to an expensive writing service comparing to the one with medium prices will not be received by writers. It is the payment that companies charge for themselves. Why? Because they can do it, and they know that people will pay anyway.

Considering this, the most optimal solution is to choose a company with average prices, and RocketPaper is one of them. Here, you don’t need to overpay for the writing service, but you will also not find the writers who will work for pennies. You will get a reasonable price for the work that will be written by a true expert, and there is no need to pay more for the brand name.

However, the final decision is always up to you. You can pay less and play a lottery. Maybe you will be lucky and get a good paper, or you will only waste your time and money and as a result, will need to use the services of another company and pay again. You can choose the expensive service, but be ready to give the last money you have. And finally, you can use the company with medium prices and get a quality paper at a reasonable rate.

7. What Types of Dissertation Writing Services Are the Most Common

 write my dissertation for me

Those students who require MBA or PhD Dissertation Writing Help usually choose one of three types of papers. It does not mean that we cannot deal with others, but according to our statistics, the following three are the most common.

  • Empirical Dissertation

As you can understand, this piece of work is mostly based on the experience of other people. When you have an empirical dissertation, you have to collect data, gather different views, and even interview a lot of people to get various opinions and facts about the topic. There are two possible ways to get the required data. The first one is the direct contact with the participants in the form of questionnaires, observations, or interviews. The second approach predetermines that you have to analyze the existing data that has been collected by other researchers before. Both cases require spending plenty of time to ensure a deep and thorough analysis.

  • Non-empirical Dissertation

This type of dissertation does not require doing interviews or analyzing previous research. Its goal is to put forward a theory which is new and has not been suggested before. If you have to write a non-empirical dissertation, be ready to spend a couple of weeks in the library. You will need to have a passion for learning and analyzing various theories because that is what this dissertation requires you to do.   

  • Narrative Dissertation

You are less likely to write a narrative dissertation, but for some disciplines, this type of paper is a must. Many dissertations have to be focused on laboratory reports. It means that you need to pay attention not to the subject of the report, but to the aspects that describe setting up and carrying out the experiment, and the way it has been analyzed. In some cases, you need to spend a lot of time on the go, making trips and collecting data.

As you can see, each of these methods requires spending much time either on gathering data or analyzing the existing facts. To complete this part of the dissertation, you need to have excellent research and analytical skills, or you can just place an order and leave this task to our experts.

8. The Most Common Dissertation Topics

 dissertation topics

Writing a dissertation is not an easy task, especially when there is such a huge amount of topics. At this point, some of our customers may doubt that we can provide professional assistance and write a paper on the required topic. Well, actually we can. Currently, we have about 300 writers who work hard to deliver high-quality assignments for our clients. Not all of them are skillful enough to cope with a dissertation paper, but almost 100 of our writers do dissertation orders regularly. Every time we hire a new writer we require that he or she should be able to provide dissertations on at least one of the topics our customers need. For instance, one category of our experts provides solely Psychology dissertation help, while another one offers only Law dissertation help.

That’s why we offer quality dissertation writing help on the following topics:

  • Law dissertation
  • Psychology dissertation
  • Marketing dissertation
  • Business dissertation
  • Nursing and Medicine dissertation
  • Economics dissertation
  • Education technology dissertation

Whatever topic you need to research, be sure, RocketPaper has a professional who has already written a dozen of similar dissertations.

9. How to Find the Best Dissertation Writing Help

If you cannot cope with your dissertation alone and you need assistance, then PhD or MBA Dissertation Writing Services are your best solution. At first, you need to spend some time to do your own research and choose the company which suits you the best. You should be very careful and pay attention to detail. However, once you find a trustworthy company, you can forget about all complex assignments you need to complete because you always know where you can get professional assistance. One of the best ways to learn about the company is to read feedback from the customers who have already used this service. The most reliable sources where you can find lots of reviews about writing companies are TrustPilot and SiteJabber. You can find reviews about RocketPaper there as well. Read them and learn what our clients think about the quality of the service we deliver.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Use any convenient method. Our support manager will gladly assist you. Moreover, RocketPaper has prepared a nice discount for all newcomers. Place an order, and get a professional PhD and MBA Dissertation help that you deserve!