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The FAQ for Freshmen by RocketPaper

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Yesterday you sat at a school desk, and today you are a full member of the student community. Entering a university often means leaving parental care. Now, the newly created student will have to rely only on himself - to be responsible, to make important decisions to organize his own life. Being a freshman is not easy - a great responsibility stands behind the feeling of freedom. Here are the most popular questions asked by freshmen.


What majors are popular?

There are ten the most popular majors and all of them are rather promising and interesting to study. There are Biology, Business Administration, Communications, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Elementary Education, Marketing, Nursing, Psychology, Political Science. It also necessary to add Engineering and Social Science to this list.

What departments or programs have the best reputations?

It so happened traditionally that the most prestigious faculties of any university are legal and medical. It is very difficult and very expensive to study at these faculties, but graduates undoubtedly get a great start in life, great prospects and the opportunity to immediately receive a high salary.

What’s better: lecture-based or discussion-based?

The answer to this question depends on the discipline being studied. If, for example, it is mathematics, then it should be taught in a lecture format, since there will not be fundamentally controversial moments here. If this is a philosophy, then monotonous lecture will be boring, and here the discussion approach is more rational.

How much reading and writing is required in your courses?

Any course implies a large amount of necessary material that needs to be read and a large amount of written work to be completed during the semester. The general principle is this: you read and then do written work based on what you read.

How often are collaborative work or group presentations required?

It all depends on the course chosen. Most often, this training format is characteristic of the humanities. As a rule, group work is carried out at least once a semester. The objectives of such a task are to strengthen business relations between students and the implementation of more voluminous projects.

I’m not satisfied with academic advising. What should I do?

First of all, try to figure out the question yourself. It often happens that we do not understand the essence from the first time, but then we have the opportunity to figure it out on our own. If everything is really bad, try turning to the head of your department.

Difference between an independent study and capstone project?

A capstone project is a work that is done by the student at the end of the school year and summarizes all the knowledge that he received during this time. An independent study is a work that can be done by a student without reference to any period in which he studies an interesting subject or phenomenon.

Is it popular to study abroad?

Now the exchange of cultural and educational experiences is a trend. Many students want to start studying at home and continue it abroad, or immediately start studying outside their home country. This is not only popular, but also prestigious, and also gives students opportunities that may not be present in his homeland.

Campus Life

What's it like to be a first-year student?

It's like pouring a bucket of cold water on yourself. At first, everything will be very incomprehensible and unusual, but by the middle of the semester you will feel more confident, you will get acquainted with fellow students and teachers, and student life will carry you forward.

How much time do students spend studying per week?

Students spend at least 30 hours at the university. This figure may increase during preparation for tests, presentations, and reports. As for self-study, this figure is not limited and is determined by the student, his motivation and aspirations.

What do you do when you're not in class?

As a general rule, it is considered that outside the class, students study material that the teacher did not explain during the lectures. There is some truth in this, but most often the students work, and if there is still free time, then they spend it on personal life.

What do you do on the weekends?

This question is similar to the previous one; therefore, in addition to rest, students also continue to work to pay for their studies, prepare for the next week’s lectures, rest in all possible and impossible ways, and build their personal lives.

What kinds of things are there to do in my school's hometown?

Here you will be able to rest after classes, meet friends and classmates, have some talks and discuss new ideas, take a drink or a meal. You can also devote your time to things that are not related to study like sports or hobbies.

Do most students live on-campus?

Yes, most students live on campus because they come from different states and cities. However, there are students who have the opportunity to rent an apartment or continue to live with their parents if the university is in their hometown.

Do lots of students belong to fraternities or sororities?

Yes, it is very prestigious to belong to fraternities in American universities, and most students strive to become their members. The history of student fraternity goes far back in history, and even if now it’s not fraternity in the classical sense, it’s still popular.

What's your favorite place on campus?

Most likely, it will be a quiet place where it is possible to calmly think about the events of the school day. A campus is a place where it is never quiet and peaceful, so the best place is where you can listen to your thoughts.

Student Body

How would you describe your fellow students?

As a rule, students of the same group are similar to each other. Two global similarities are age and unity of purpose. Very often, students of different nationalities study in the same group, but on the whole, the student community is unified.

How to make friends at university

It is very simple. All you need is to try to meet and communicate with all students in the group, not to refuse if you are asked for help, be proactive and participate in teamwork, sports, and cultural events.

What makes the student body unique?

The student body has several unique abilities. The first superpower is the ability to prepare for the exam all night, not to sleep for a minute, but to get a good grade. The second ability is to rest at a party all night, to come to class with a headache, not to sleep for a minute, but get a good grade as well.

Is there diversity on campus?

Student life is, in principle, wonderful in its diversity, and campus life is no exception. Here you will always find something to do besides studying. Communicating with friends, community membership, sports and cultural activities, additional opportunities for study, work and travel - all this can be realized on campus.

Are there many students from other countries?

Yes, the USA is a very popular country for students from abroad. It is not surprising that here you can meet young people from all over the world, and as a rule, 30-40% of students are foreigners.

Do students of different races and classes interact easily?

Yes, as a rule, belonging to different races, nationalities, religion and other characteristics is not an obstacle to fruitful cooperation, communication, and friendship between students from different classes and faculties. The main thing that unites all young people at the university is belonging to the student community.

Are students cliquish?

We will not re-open America if we say that all people are different. Extroverts and introverts are found among them, and someone is more willing to communicate, and someone less. But all students are in the university with a single goal - learning and finding new opportunities, and communication is one of the main tools for this.

Career Services

How to find internships available for students?

There are many ways to find a suitable internship. The first is a direct search on the Internet. The second opportunity is to talk with teachers and ask them about companies that may be looking for an intern.

Is Career Services helpful?

Yes, it can be a very helpful help. Here the student can get help in finding the first internship place, as well as prepare for its beginning and passing.

Do students have a mentor?

Yes, they do. Students have a mentor and this is a very effective solution. This is the person who directs the freshman in the right direction, shares his experience, supports in difficult and unexpected situations, and helps to find his career path.

What’s a co-op program?

The co-op program implies a reasonable combination of theoretical knowledge that students receive at lectures, and practical, which can be obtained only in the process of real work. This is a paid program which implies the integration of real practical experience into the theoretical training of a student.

Are there opportunities to build leadership skills on campus?

There are very many opportunities for development and proclamation of leadership qualities. For example, you can become a captain of a university sports team, organize your community, lead a group of students who participate in intellectual competitions, and much more.

What options exist for service learning in the community?

These opportunities differ at each university, but in general, it is a unified approach to this concept. This program gives students the opportunity to participate in community life through the performance of community service. This helps young people to think about modern social problems, as well as suggest possible ways to solve them.

Do employers recruit students on campus?

As a rule, potential employers invite to work those students who have successfully completed an internship and have shown decent results. However, the most promising students have a chance of successful employment everywhere, and the university campus is no exception.

How easy is it to find summer jobs and other kinds of work for students?

The answer to this question depends on what you want from this place of work. As a rule, it is very easy to find unskilled work in order to be able to save some money in the summer. But the best opportunity for a student is to combine summer work with travel (for example, to work as a courier) to be able to get some rest.

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