Falling Behind in College. What to Do?

Falling Behind in College. What to Do?

Published by on 2019-02-13 15:08:22

Motivation… a turgent and modish word which you may hear today almost everywhere, and seems to be the perfect solution for everything. Can’t lose weight? You need motivation! Can’t find a job? Motivation is an answer! Falling behind in college? Again, motivation will help you! But is motivation so almighty? And can it solve each and every problem? Let’s take, for example, falling behind in school or college. Wait, is it because I have not enough motivation? Really? Guys, I have enough motivation to get good grades. Without them, I will hardly be able to find a high-paid job, earn enough money to buy a house of my dream or travel around the world. So, my motivation is firm as never before, but I still cannot always cope with my homework on time and have no idea how to catch up in college classes.

That’s why I believe that motivation is not the answer to all your problems, and sometimes the root of all evil is the way you organize your day and plan your study process. Besides, motivation works well only for some short-term goals, when the result will be not long in coming. If we are talking about three or four years of study, it will be an incredibly tough task to stay motivated all this time. Hence, I offer you to try the following tips on how to catch up in school fast without looking for yet another method of effective motivation.

Organize your day

Yes, I know it seems like an obvious thing that you have already heard many times. However, the reason why you don’t have enough time to cope with all your classes is because you don’t have a plan. So, the first tip is to write down a new task immediately as you get it. You may use a notebook or one of those apps with a to-do-list function. At the end of the day, check your list with the new tasks and set the deadline for each of them. When you wake up the next day, check your list and see what tasks you have planned to do for today.

Do not delay tasks you don’t like

I hate my college classes - A phrase which almost any student has said at least once, but more likely a hundred times on average. Let’s be honest, there are classes that you simply don’t like, but you have to visit them and do homework. So, there is no way to skip them, and your only solution is to develop a strategy which could make them less unpleasant for you.

I recommend to start your day by doing those tasks which are the most unbearable to you, never leave them for later. As my own experience shows, if you leave a tough task as the last one to do, there are high chances that you will not do it at all. Besides, in the morning you have more energy to work on more complex assignments, so they will seem a bit easier for you than if you leave them for the evening. That’s why you should not delay tasks you don’t like but set the shortest deadline for them even if they are not so urgent. It is better to end them as soon as possible.

Divide your tasks into subtasks

There are two reasons why people do not do a task. It is too small, I don’t want to waste my time on this simple work right now, I’ll better do something more difficult and come back to it later. It is too difficult and requires a lot of time, I’ll better focus on less complex assignments and return to it when I have dealt with all the little tasks. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? The task is either too long and difficult or it is too short and simple. So, you always have an excuse for why you cannot do it right now. I have a great solution that will eliminate the possibility of this self-deception.

You should divide your long and complex tasks into smaller ones and unite smaller tasks into a bigger one. For instance, divide tasks into assignments which require about 2 hours from you to complete them. Now, you will not have excuses for why you should do such a task later. Besides, after finishing it, you may have a deserved break and move on to doing other things that you have planned. It is important to keep a balance between the time you spend on study and rest. Too many breaks will make it difficult for you to concentrate on work, while too much time spent on study without breaks will exhaust you too quickly.

The Bottom Line

These three tips will allow you to be more concentrated on the study and do not experience constant fatigue or lack of time. Motivation will not give you an answer to how to be the top of your class because the key to success is self-organization. The effective college class help that you seek is not some kind of a perfect solution, it consists in the way you plan your time to cope with daily tasks and how you deal with those assignments which seem unbearable or difficult to you.

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