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Writing An Analytical Essay Made Easy

If you are a student, you have probably faced a situation when writing tasks overwhelm your life, leaving no time for fun, other important responsibilities, not to mention some time for a good sleep. Writing an analytical essay is one of the assignments that consumes quite a lot of time. It is not surprising that you may find yourself in a situation when you stare at a blank piece of paper wondering where to start. Even though analytical essay writing is a general task, the process itself is stressful for the majority of students. Therefore, more and more of those who have to deal with this assignment come for help to the writing company of RocketPaper. But before telling you about the benefits of cooperation with such a service, it is better to deal with the definition of the writing task you have to face and looking at an analytical essay example or three in our massive database.

What Does Writing An Analytical Essay Entail?

writing an analytical essay

The essence of this writing tasks sounds quite apparent. One has to analyze or examine a particular subject: a movie, a book, a poem, etc. So, what's so difficult about writing such an essay? Many students confuse the goal of this type of paper with merely summarizing the plot or the character. Instead, they should focus on the smaller details of the work that form the bigger picture and help the author make their point. Students should concentrate on how individual literary devices or themes influence the work as a whole, without merely retelling what happens in the story.

There are many types of analytical essays, depending on the focus of the writing. Here are a few examples:

  • Literary analysis is the most popular among high school and college instructors. It requires you to analyze a book, a story or a poem.

  • Process analysis requires you to research a process and its separate stages. It should contain the process' purpose and the transformations occurring throughout the steps.

  • Character analysis is a fusion of a literary and a process analysis essays. It involves the transformations and changes of character in the course of a movie or a book.

  • Rhetorical analysis deals with the ways authors and speechwriters utilize literary tools to influence their readers or listeners. Such papers require you to analyze the how, instead of the what.

When writing an analytical essay, the student has to make an argument on the basis of the discussed subject. If you have been assigned a specific topic of the writing, make sure you understand the instructor’s requirements. Consult the professor before you delve into writing so as not to waste precious time.

Analytical Essay Sample Structure

When writing an analytical essay, you can use the standard three-tier structure of introduction, body, and conclusion. The structure, as well as the content of the paper, has to be flawless if you aim at a high grade.

The introduction should contain the hook, your thesis statement and supporting sentences to show your readers how you are going to prove your claims. Now is the time to introduce the work to the readers and inform them of the complex idea you have developed. The first paragraph should grab the reader’s attention, invoke strong emotions, either positive or negative, and make them want to read the very last word to learn what you wanted to share. If you can’t think of a right way to start your essay, you can always come back to write the introduction later. Start with those parts of the paper that you like most, and the writing process will go much quicker.

The number of the main body paragraphs will depend on the volume of your assignment. You can either use three to make up the classic five-paragraph essay or add more passages to prove your point. Each body paragraph should include several essential elements to be considered complete. Start with the topic sentence, and use a single one for every passage. Make your claim, delving into smaller details of your topic sentence and support it with examples from the work itself. Showcase how each quote or summary ties to the topic sentence and the thesis statement. Decide for yourself whether the author (if it is a book you analyze, for example) succeeds in conveying the main topics to the audience. Remember, that you are working on an analytical piece of writing, so do not cram it full of quotes, provide your own take on the problems you are discussing, otherwise, do not expect a high grade. At the end of each passage, include a small transition to make the writing flow smoothly.

The conclusion is the part of your essay that will stay with most readers. You need to repeat the thesis statement and the main points you have discussed in the body paragraphs without copying the wording verbatim. To fill out the conclusion, you can provide the most powerful quote from the work and present the connection to the real world issues that you face every day.

If you are still stumped, check out an analytical essay example or two at RocketPaper. This will give you a better idea, what your paper should look like. You might even get inspired to use the same literary devices or tools in your own analysis. Of course, you should first check with your instructor, whether your ideas meet his or her requirements.

As you see, there are a lot of things to consider before you create a noteworthy piece of writing. And that is why you may always purchase your analytical research essay (which implies a more detailed research) or a critical analysis essay and skip the problems associated with the writing process. A friend in need is a friend indeed. And RocketPaper will be your best friend whenever you call for help.

Our Invaluable Experience and Excellent Reputation Are at Your Service

analytical essay sample

We do not want to sound boastful, but the company of RocketPaper is indeed known worldwide for its top quality writing service. We assure you that whatever the topic of your essay may be, you will always get an excellent paper for money. We are proud because thousands of students choose us on a daily basis. They all have a good reason to prefer us to other online writing agencies. The authors of the RocketPaper agency have been writing papers for years and have gained a great experience which is indeed impossible to overestimate. That proves once more that your essay is in good hands of the essayists who know all the ins and outs of their profession. You can always check out analytical essay example gallery of their best works.

The writers like to be useful to everyone who is looking for a helping hand of a skillful specialist. We do our best every time the students from various educational establishments contact us. The help team of RocketPaper is very flexible; its services are comprehensive and, as a rule, can cover any topic the client requires. Such an approach towards work is easily explained. All the writers from RocketPaper that create papers for our clients have the necessary level of education and an excellent command of the English language. That is why an analytical essay sample by any of the RocketPaper experts will please both you and your instructor.

The company has managed to become a service provider of a global acceptance for a very simple reason. People who address us, inevitably like what they eventually receive. We will never damage your educational progress or academic reputation with the essays we create. On the contrary, we understand that our success depends on yours, that is why you are guaranteed to get a top-notch paper, not an essay done just to get your money.

The Finest Quality of Analytical Essays

We don’t merely assert that the analytical essay help the company offers is the best available on the Internet. We prove that we are the best every time we receive your order and process it passionately and efficiently. We have set a number of criteria we meet every single time we have to deal with writing an analytical essay for our dearest clients.

  • Meeting the client's personal requirements. Our regular customers know that the specialists from the RocketPaper writing company will create exactly what they ask and pay for. That means that you are welcome to ask for the number of paragraphs/pages you need your essay to be composed of. We assure you as well that the experts of our writing team are perfectly aware of the citation styles used in the writings. Feel free to emphasize on the MLA, APA, Turabian, or Chicago citation style, because all and any detail matters when it is about your success and reputation. Any format is not a problem for a qualified professional who is for sure good at doing his or her work.

  • By the highest quality of analytical writings, we certainly mean covering the topic of the essay. Once we get your order, we start gathering and processing the information necessary for the essay-to-be. An in-depth research and paying attention to detail, awareness of the subtleties of this type of essays, and perfect language make your paper unrivaled and raise your chances for a high grade.

  • An indivisible aspect of quality in the essay writing business is the originality of the texts provided for sale. Unfortunately, not all the providers care about their customers and often sell plagiarized papers. Some offer plagiarized papers as a free analytical essay example cases, and reliant students have no idea about the problems such writings can lead to. Unlike deceptive writing companies, the team of RocketPaper provides only unique writings that have never been and will never be used by someone else. Every analytical essay sample is written from starch. We also have a strict plagiarism control system carried out by special software which secures your essay to the highest possible extent. There is no probability of getting into trouble because of plagiarism when you are with RocketPaper.

  • In case you do not like the paper you receive or find some flaws in it, you are welcome to use our free revision policy. Instead of approving and downloading the finished essay, send it for revision with your comments. Your writer will get onto the task of reviewing and improving the writing according to your remarks as soon as possible. You will get an email notification the moment the revised version is complete for you to download it.

  • To make the quality of your essays excellent, we offer our editing services as well. You see, even the most outstanding professional writers need editors who look through the finished writings. They may find and correct the mistakes like misspellings and punctuation so that they did not affect your grade and make you feel ashamed. The editing service is the final chord before you receive your awesome essay.

More Reasons to Trust RocketPaper

We have already mentioned the main criteria of quality the company follows when we are writing an analytical essay for you. But in fact, there are more factors that make the services that RocketPaper provides so good. And here they are to take away your anxiety about making the right choice while looking for the company to write an analytical essay sample.

  • We easily deal with any deadlines. When you contact the team of RocketPaper, even a timeframe which looks impossible to meet turns out to be a requirement which is easy to deal with. Delivering the writing on time is one of the greatest priorities of RocketPaper. No deadline is an obstacle on your way to success if you hire a professional writer on our website.

  • When faced with a daunting task of writing an analytical essay, every student is concerned about the price he or she is to pay for the writing services. You may rest assured that you would not spend extra when you buy your essay from us. The company of RocketPaper will pleasantly surprise you with the most affordable prices on the writing market. Moreover, we will prove that with a reliable company, the quality of the writing cannot be mediocre despite the fact the price is considerably low.

  • We promise to give you the most customized paper ever. Any ideas and essay outlines are welcome to help us give you exactly what you want. And the support team will provide any additional information you need. Feel free to contact us right now! Don’t hesitate! Your perfect essay is waiting for you!

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