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As the school year begins, more and more students face the challenge of writing a book report. The fact is that many of the students fail to complete the assignment successfully. It is either they have no time to write a book report because there are other tasks of equal importance to accomplish or they tend to procrastinate. Either way, any student may require professional assistance from time to time. And when phrases like "Will somebody help me write my book report?" come to your mind, it is the time to contact RocketPaper. This is a writing service created to be your helping hand when you have pressing writing assignments. Here is our short and detailed guide on how to write a book report.

How Should I Write My Book Report?

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There are many articles online about writing a book report, but few of them are helpful. That’s why we have decided to help you gain a better understanding of what you need to do to complete this assignment and get a good grade. While the task is not overly complicated, it becomes even easier, if you divide it into four manageable chunks. Just follow these steps, and you will complete your book report in no time.

Before Reading

It seems a little counterintuitive, but don’t delve straight into reading a book. Treat it like you would a first date. Look at it carefully and try to glean the meaning from what you see before glimpsing under the cover. You’ll be surprised at how much information is readily available before you read the first page.

You already know the title and the author. You can see the cover and check out the publishing details. From all this, you can infer the genre, and if you are already familiar with the author, you can even predict the style and tone of the book. To make reading the book more interesting, make a bet with yourself. Try to guess what it will be about, based on the cover and the title. After you finish reading, you can come back to your preliminary assessment and compare it to the actual plot of the book.

While Reading

Reading for pleasure and for composing a book report are entirely different. When you need to write an academic paper, you should always read with a pen and notebook close at hand. You can even use a pencil or highlighter to take notes on the margins and underline the most important parts if it doesn’t strike you as sacrilege.

As you read, note the settings and characters, write down the main plot points and twists. You will also need to address the central themes of the book and the overall style and tone of the work. If your instructor’s requirements call for it, add an evaluative passage or two to discuss your take on the book.

Copy the sentences, phrases, and dialog you like best. Or at least take note of the pages that contain them. When you get to writing your book report, these quotes will help you illustrate your arguments, and you won’t have to rifle through the whole novel trying to locate the turn of phrase you liked so much.

Writing A Book Report

The most crucial step every book report writer must take does not involve actual writing. You need to create a solid outline before you start jotting down your ideas at random. The outline does not take a long time to build if you use your notes, but it will save you hours since you won’t have to do a lot of editing. Your outline doesn’t have to be formal or very detailed. Just divide the report into paragraphs and write a sentence or two about each passage. These notes will fuel your imagination, once you start writing.

The first passage of the book report should introduce the work, its author and contain a citation. Start with an attention-grabbing hook, and always include your thesis statement. These are the two things every instructor wants to see in the introduction paragraph. This passage should be between three and ten sentences long.

Body paragraphs will make up the bulk of your paper. Every passage should be devoted to a single point you wish to make. Decide, whether you want to discuss characters, plot lines, writing style or themes first. After crafting a topic sentence for every paragraph, add some examples from the book, introduce quotes and provide your take on this particular aspect of the book. Each section should contain an analytical part. Otherwise, you are just retelling a book.

Your conclusion should be short and sweet. This is not the place to introduce any new ideas. You can remind the readers of the author and the name of the book and summarize the main points of your report in a couple of sentences. If you wish, you can include a final thought on who you would recommend the book for and explain your reasons.

After Writing

When your book report is finished, do not hurry to submit it to the professor, even if you are short on time. Put it away for a few hours at least, and let your eyes and mind rest for a bit. Then, you can come back and polish your writing until it meets the highest standards and get you an A you deserve.

Editing is the first step. Forget for a moment that you are a book report writer, and imagine you are a critic that needs to find flaws in the text before you. Is the reasoning sound? Are there any illogical arguments or inconsistencies? If there enough evidence to support each claim? If you find a problem, do not beat yourself up about it, as there is still time to improve the paper. Ruthlessly strike out anything you feel is redundant, add examples and quotes to make the text more convincing. You can even rearrange the paragraphs so that the report makes more sense.

Ideally, you should ask someone to read your book report before you turn it in. It is challenging to edit and proofread the text you have written yourself. A fresh pair of eyes will catch your smallest mistakes quickly and efficiently. However, make sure the person you ask to proofread you has a good command of the language.

If there is no one willing to help you out, do not despair. You’ll just have to be extra attentive. Try reading the book report out loud, or print it out and turn the page upside down. These tricks will help your brain to concentrate on every symbol, so it will be easier for you to catch typos and misspellings. Use specialized proofreading software to help you correct grammar and punctuation errors. Your professor will appreciate the effort, and your grade will be higher.

RocketPaper: Book Report Help of Exclusive Quality

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Every day, thousands of students ask for help from the professionals of our writing company. The company has spent years providing its assistance for kids and teenagers of various educational levels. We will be delighted to help every customer who decides to get our writing for sale. If you need a good book report writer for high school students, you are always welcome here! You may contact the most efficient and reliable staff on the writing market if you need a paper for middle school. College students will receive their excellent writings as soon as they need them to be done.

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Our Special Offers

You have had a stroke of luck when you found our writing company. An honest and reputable writing company is at your service now! We assure you that our professionals will write an astonishing composition for you and you will come for more services we provide. To make our cooperation absolutely advantageous for you, we offer you the following guarantees:

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So if you are asking yourself the question “How can I write my book report on time and get a good grade?”, the answer is simple, just hire a professional book report writer at RocketPaper. It takes a couple of minutes to fill in the order form, and then you can relax and enjoy life, while our writers complete the work for you. Place an order now, and take this load off your mind!

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