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What Is a Synthesis Essay?

At first glance, your synthesis assignment may seem similar to an argumentative essay. However, there are important differences you should look out for to perform the task just right and get a good grade. Instead of simply stating your arguments, you have to substantiate them with information gleaned from different sources. You can either look for them on your own or ask your instructor to provide the list of the most viable options.
Another trick to writing a synthesis essay is to avoid summarizing. You should not paraphrase the sources within your paper. Instead, provide facts, numbers, or names directly from the source to support your claim.

How to Write a Synthesis Essay?

Preparation goes first among steps to writing a synthesis essay. You need to devise the topic of your paper or choose one from the available options. The topics best suited for synthesis papers are those that stir up social controversy. You can discuss, whether video games cause violent behavior, or if homeschooling is better than attending public schools. Your topic should not be too broad or vague. Otherwise, you won‘t be able to make a strong thesis statement and provide enough solid arguments.
Your next step is gathering pertinent sources: books, articles, movies, paintings, laws, etc. Seven to ten sources are usually enough to get a full picture of the problem you need to cover within your essay. Some sources will not provide any information to support your claims, but you should not discard them. Remember to pay attention to both sides of the argument. You need to provide counter arguments within your essay to make it look objective and well-rounded.
What is a synthesis essay without a good outline? This type of assignment showcases your ability to analyze different sources and structure the information in a concise and logical manner. To make your essay convincing, start with your thesis statement and outline the main arguments backed up with information from the source materials. Avoid structuring your paragraphs according to sources. You should create an outline based on your key arguments. Each of them can span one or several paragraphs. Source information should be mentioned to support each argument.
After the preliminary work is done, writing your synthesis essay should be easy. Follow the outline and remember to mention the sources you use. The same rules and advice are applicable to writing this paper as any other essay you have written before. Write in the third person, use transition between paragraphs to support the flow of your arguments.
After the paper is written, you should get some rest and postpone making the finishing touches a few hours or a full day, if possible. Reread your paper and make sure everything still looks logical and flawless. Proofread the text to get rid of embarrassing mistakes, make sure to use the proper citation style. And finally, title your paper to ensure that the name reflects the content of your synthesis essay.

How Can RocketPaper Help You?

If you still have no idea how to write a good synthesis essay, and the submission date is getting closer, do not panic. RocketPaper is at your service. You can get your synthesis essay online in less than a day, and all you have to do is place your order. Fill in the order form to let us know the topic of your paper, its length, and submission deadline. Upload any files and add comments to ensure that our writers can create an essay that reflects your opinion on the subject. Wait until the paper is ready and check if it meets your requirements. You are welcome to send it back to revision or download it right away.
We also provide proofreading and editing services for those who have written the paper themselves but need a little extra help. Our editors will go through your synthesis essay to weed out any grammar, punctuation, or spelling errors and typos. They will also make suggestions to make your arguments more compelling and your structure more streamlined. As a result, your paper will get that extra boost necessary to impress your instructor and receive the A+ you deserve.
Do not hesitate if you want to order your synthesis essay online. Contact RocketPaper and forget about academic problems once and for all!
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