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Analyzing Poetry the Right Way

When assigned with writing a poetry analysis essay, you have to consider every tool the poet has chosen to create a poem. Of course, you need to identify the main idea behind the piece, to understand what the writer wanted the readers to understand, feel or learn while reading the poem. Knowing the poem‘s background, like the year and the place it was created, might help a lot. You need to research the events in the poet‘s life and the significant historical events or personas that could have influenced him or her.
If you are wondering how to analyze a poem, start by identifying the literary tools and devices that helped the writer achieve the end result. Then consider which devices were more efficient than others, which moved you the most. Finally, you will have to make a conclusion, whether the tools the author had chosen were successful and why.

How to Write a Poetry Analysis Essay

Before you begin writing a poetry analysis essay, spend some time reading and rereading the poem to yourself and out loud. This will help you get a better grasp of the words and their meanings since some poems are hard to understand on your first go. Get well acquainted with the text and the poet. Review the most used literary devices and identify them throughout the text. When you feel like you understand what the poet wanted to say, you can move on to the next stage.
Start with an outline of your paper, which should consist of three main parts: introduction, main body, and conclusion. Within the first paragraph, you should identify the poet and the name of the work you will be analyzing. Create a thesis statement based on the poem‘s main topic and idea, as well as the most common literary devices used. You will expand on these points in the next paragraphs.
If you are wondering how to write a poetry analysis essay main body, there are several ways to go about doing that. You could divide the text into paragraphs according to the literary devices, describing their uses and supporting your arguments with examples and quotes. If you decide to use this structure, each device should be analyzed within a separate paragraph.
You can also structure your poetry analysis essay dividing the poem into several parts and analyzing them separately. Explain which literary devices are used within each stanza, describe their purpose and efficiency. If possible, identify the separate ideas each part of the poem suggests.
Your conclusion should support your thesis statement without repeating it verbatim. You can also include your overall thoughts about the efficiency of the literary devices to send the intended message. It is also acceptable to express your personal take on the poem.

RocketPaper Will Complete Literary Analysis for You

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Don‘t let writing a poetry analysis essay get you down! Reach out to us today. Whichever option you choose, RocketPaper will be there for you.
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