How To Choose PhD Dissertation Topics? Practical Advice And Examples

How To Choose PhD Dissertation Topics? Practical Advice And Examples

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Writing a PhD thesis is a monumental research project that often becomes a climax of a scientist’s career. However, many postgraduates and even those considering a career in science get discouraged long before the dissertation defense. For some, it’s impossible to choose among hundreds of possible PhD dissertation topics, while others can’t come up with a single research question. Whichever category you fall under, this article is for you.

We’ve gathered the criteria for a perfect research subject and the ways you can devise it even if you do not understand where to start. We’ve also included a list of PhD dissertation topics in Finance and other subjects you can use as examples.

How To Choose A Good PhD Topic?

There are no good or bad research topics as these are subjective parameters. However, if you want to become a renowned scientist, your thesis should make an impact. To get published in industry-leading peer-reviewed journals, your work should be important and new.

How do you know whether the topic is important? You might find the composition of a titanium alloy and its tensile strength fascinating while your friends start yawning at the first mention. Therefore, let’s define an important research question as the one that affects real-life issues. Even theoretical physics has its everyday life applications if only to help people understand the jokes in The Big Bang Theory.

To determine whether the topic you find interesting is new, prepare for hours of research. Start with recent papers by the subject leaders in peer-reviewed journals. Use specialized search tools to make your research more efficient. ResearchGate,, and DeepDyve are all excellent places to start. Consult your academic adviser and reach out to people working in the field. Experienced colleagues might tell you whether your idea is new without looking up hundreds of articles.

However, this advice applies only to those lucky few who have already come up with a research question or at least have a general idea for their future thesis. If you can’t devise a single worthy topic, read on.

Where To Look For Exciting PhD Dissertation Topics?

The short answer is at the “research frontier”. That’s where all the good PhD Nursing dissertation topics live along with research questions for every other subject. There is no point in rehashing the same questions that have already been answered a dozen times over. “Research frontier” includes the problems in your field that still baffle intellectual leaders and don’t have definitive answers. To locate the “research frontier”, try these strategies:

  • Attend university seminars in your field. Speakers at these events are chosen for their groundbreaking research. Besides learning the latest trends in your area, you will also have plenty of networking opportunities. Talking to fellow researchers is often more valuable than reading their findings in a journal.
  • Attend interdisciplinary seminars. The current trends cause many subjects to blend, and the most significant discoveries are made at the intersection of otherwise unconnected fields. Besides, interdisciplinary seminars might jumpstart your inspiration and provide a fresh perspective on an old problem in your area.
  • Read the papers by intellectual leaders in your narrow field. First, you need to narrow down the scope of your research to make it manageable. Then identify the thought leaders, there shouldn’t be too many of them. Then read their latest articles in the best journals. This way you will have a good idea of what the best minds in your field are researching and which questions possess the most promise.
  • Talk, read, and write. Communication with your professors, colleagues, and students is an endless source of research ideas. However, it’s not enough to listen passively, you need to process the information you receive and formulate your own take on the subject orally or in writing. The more you articulate your ideas, the quicker your thesis topic will crystallize in your mind.
  • Question everyone and everything. Even when you read the works by the established leaders in your field, you don’t have to agree with their take on the problems. Question the validity of arguments and the conclusions drawn from research. If you plan a theoretical work, questioning everything you read is a great way to generate ideas.

PhD Dissertation Topic Examples

The strategies we’ve discussed should give you plenty of ideas if you take the time to apply them. However, some of us can’t work on theory alone, so we compiled a list of PhD dissertation topics in Finance and other subjects. We didn’t separate them into categories as some questions are interdisciplinary. So if you are looking for PhD Nursing dissertation topics or any other field of study, skim all the ideas we’ve collected. If you find none that intrigue you, contact our professional writers. They might help you.

  1. The success of award-winning CEOs employed as outside directors
  2. Small business loans comparison across the EU states
  3. The financial crisis impact on small and medium businesses
  4. The misuse of new payment systems in financing terrorists and money laundering
  5. College term planning using a best-practice model
  6. The ethical side of artificial wombs development
  7. Implementation of group activities in online classrooms for future translators
  8. The effect of dubbing in minority language on children
  9. The successes and failures of terminology standardization in cinematography
  10. Prenatal and first-year diet influence on sour taste receptors
  11. Evidence-based practice use by clinical nurses
  12. Acute hospitals nurses’ skill determination practices
  13. Individual counseling experience of adults with minor learning disabilities
  14. Self-harm victims’ care in emergency departments
  15. Haemodialysis and renal disease final stages experience
  16. Vascular risk reduction in diabetes patients by nurses
  17. Innovating religious curriculum through iPad integration
  18. Science lessons analysis at second-level education facilities
  19. Transforming primary education using arts-rich curriculum
  20. Data generation and use in secondary schools

These are just examples of PhD dissertation topics across many fields. Use them to develop your own ideas or contact our professional writers to assist you with thesis proposals, abstracts or any other postgraduate troubles.

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