50 Good Argumentative Essay Topics Handpicked By Experts

50 Good Argumentative Essay Topics Handpicked By Experts

Published by on 2018-03-06 13:08:03

50 Good Argumentative Essay Topics Handpicked By Experts

If you have been following our blog, you already know how to write an argumentative essay. Still, the first step is usually the most complicated one, as you are stuck with no good argumentative essay topics. Luckily, we have a vast database of essays on all subjects. We have cherry-picked the most interesting argumentative essay topics for you on five of the most common issues. Just scroll down to the subject you need and browse the TOP-10 topics.

Technology And Social Media

It’s surreal to think that it has been only 11 years since the first iPhone hit the market. Who would have thought that in a little over a decade smartphones would turn from a luxury into a useful everyday tool? Still, social media and the ever-increasing tempo of technological advances causes passionate debates among the scientists, psychologists, and educators. If you can’t imagine your life without a smartphone, Facebook or a VR headset, these easy argumentative essay topics for college students might spark your interest:

  1. Do reviews help or hinder online shopping experience?
  2. Is computer better than a human teacher when it comes to grading papers?
  3. Should schools remove strict web filters?
  4. Is technology a factor in making people lonelier?
  5. Are mobile apps helpful or distracting?
  6. Do people film themselves too much using smartphones?
  7. Are digital books preferable to paper editions?
  8. What is the right age for children to start using smartphones?
  9. Is there enough technology in your classroom?
  10. Will online learning ever become as good as face-to-face experience?

Athletes And Sports

Sports have been in the center of several scandals over the last few years. Russian athletes were banned from using their national symbols at the Olympics. Doping charges are brought up every other week. And bribery has reached astronomical levels. Whether you are a football or basketball player, or a fan, you can write about your passion. Sports are among the most popular argumentative essay topics for college students. Here are some ideas to spur your imagination:

  1. Should cheerleading be considered a sport?
  2. What is the impact of openly gay athletes?
  3. Should we allow children to watch dangerous games, like football?
  4. Does sports betting ruin or profit the industry?
  5. Should colleges pay their star athletes?
  6. How much physical damage can professional sports cause to young children?
  7. Should all doping treatments be allowed for professional athletes?
  8. Are there better uses for taxpayers’ money than sending athletes to Olympics?
  9. What happens to professional athletes after their careers are finished?
  10. Should schools be encouraging children to join professional sports?

Legal And Political Issues

Argumentative essay topics for college tend to be a little more complicated. However, the political and legal systems always provide a wide range of choices. To come up with a paper title, you just need to look through your Facebook or Twitter feed. There are bound to be a couple of flame wars and critical issues you can discuss in your paper. Here are some good topics for an argumentative essay if you take Politics or Law classes:

  1. Is National security more important than citizen privacy?
  2. Has government earned your trust?
  3. Would school mass shootings stop if there were armed guards on campus?
  4. When are life sentences appropriate for juvenile offenders?
  5. Which local issues should your city’s mayor solve?
  6. Who should pay more taxes: the rich or the poor ones?
  7. Is it right for the U.S. government to spy on neighboring countries?
  8. How can a single citizen influence the country’s political course?
  9. Should all people be equal in the eyes of the law?
  10. Are military campaigns on foreign soil justified?

Social Issues

No man is an island, and even introverts can’t live without society. That’s why so many argumentative essay topics for college deal with the troubles humanity faces on an interpersonal level. You can tackle any problems that influence the society or its significant parts. There are many interesting argumentative essay topics on gender issues, morality, and even religion. We have collected a few for you to choose from:

  1. Why are there so few females in leadership roles?
  2. Why does society pressure women to get “perfect” bodies and faces?
  3. Are men and women really equal in a modern world?
  4. Are rich people happier than the poor ones?
  5. When is it a responsible thing to intervene the troubles happening in public places?
  6. Have the curse words lost their impact after becoming too common?
  7. Is it possible to be a moral person without religion?
  8. Are same-religion couples more stable?
  9. Have we become too self-centered in the age of selfies?
  10. Why is emotional intellect less important than IQ in modern society?

Art And Media

If you don’t want to tackle any grave issues in your paper, choose college argumentative essay topics about movies, literature, video games or modern art. These types of media have become so widespread, that it would be perfectly reasonable to devote your writing to the troubles of movie stars or reality shows. Here are ten good argumentative essay topics on all types of art and media:

  1. Will Internet ever make TV obsolete?
  2. Are film awards overrated?
  3. Is graffiti a form of art or an act of vandalism?
  4. Should governments forbid selling violent video games to underage children?
  5. Is playing video games a sports activity?
  6. Should digital books become free a certain time after publishing?
  7. What are the efficient ways to beat video piracy?
  8. Why is music considered a universal language?
  9. Why do so many talented artists turn to alcohol and drugs?
  10. What makes a pile of trash an art installation?

We hope that you make good use of our list of college argumentative essay topics. There are many similar resources online, but we’ve tried to collect only good argumentative essay topics that could bring you the highest grade in any class. And if you have any troubles with writing the paper, contact us. Our best writers will help you complete the assignment in time!

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